Theme Parties


  1. INVITE LOTS OF PEOPLE: The more people you have at your party, the more energy it will have. If budget is a problem, cut back on the cost of dinner, do not have an open bar or at least limit the hours of the open bar.
  2. HAVE ONE SPECIFIC AREA DESIGNATED FOR THE PARTY: This is probably one of the most important steps. The characteristics of the environment demand and direct people’s behavior. If there is an area for people to dance, and a specific dance floor, then they will dance. You must design your party environment to control your guests’ behavior. Many times a bride will have the reception at a hotel on the beach with all the doors open to the wonderful view and then she wonders why her guests are all outside. We know how to get parties going and keep them going but the guests have to remain in the room or designated area. You must have an area confined just for your party. If people have a place to wander off then they will. Do not place the DJ apart from the dance area. If your party is outdoors, do not expect your guests to dance on a grassy slope or driveway. To have a successful dance party outdoors, cut back somewhere else and rent a dance floor. Most dance floors cost about $200.00. It is well worth the expense to create the right atmosphere. Phenomenon Sound has dance floors so if you need one, give us a call. We bring it with the rest of the equipment and there is no delivery fee.
  3. LET THE DJ/MC DO SOME ICE BREAKER GAMES: Remember, most often, 80% of your guests do not know each other. Therefore, it is important to have interaction and announcements to get them to know each other. Also, having these mini events breaks up the evening and gives people something to talk about and look forward to. Once the guests get to know each other, they are more willing to let their hair down and start having fun.
  4. BE READY TO HAVE FUN: Your guests look to you for the queue to have fun. You, as the host, have the position of power. Leave all your worries behind and have fun and your guests will follow. Leave everything to the professionals, you have hired.
  5. DON’T BE AFRAID TO DANCE: If you dance, they will dance. Plan the music you like ahead with your DJ.
  6. DECORATE: Decorations set the mood and define the space. Guests like to feel that they have a place to party and let go. Do not go overboard on costs. Visit various party prop stores on the web. Lighting is available to upgrade to your party. Our specialty lighting gives the atmosphere a dance club effect.
  7. INVITE GROUPS OF PEOPLE THAT KNOW EACH OTHER: All guests do not need to know each other but it is nice when they know somebody. Birds of a feather do flock together.
  8. IF AGE APPROPRIATE, DON’T BE AFRAID TO SERVE ALCOHOL: People expect to drink some alcohol when they attend a party. It loosens them up. You may have a cash bar if you like, if you do not want to pay for it.
  9. MAKE SURE THAT PEOPLE HAVE ENOUGH ADVANCE NOTICE: Most people have very busy lives and need to be invited well in advance.
  10. PLAN FOR THE PARTY TO KICK OFF ONE HOUR LATE: Most people show up late to a party. Start your party with a one hour cocktail reception. Make it a rolling start. Start with music and have the bar open. Plan to serve food after the cocktail hour.

Just Have a great time at Your Party!


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